Satellite and Freesat

Satellite and Freesat

  • Satellite and Freesat

We specialise in all satellite television systems for both UK and foreign tv. Accurate site surveying and our experienced and skilled engineers will locate a satellite dish or sky dish anywhere it is required to be to meet the customers needs and ensure perfect levels of satellite signal.

We specialise in all of the jobs Sky may not be able to do due to challenging conditions or terrain and welcome any kind of satellite installation or fault you may have.

We can add new Sky or Freesat points to your home and modify your existing system to cater for them without the need to install a new dish. Of course if you don’t already have a dish at home please get in touch and we will install one for you right away! We also provide top boxes to watch Freesat tv without the need of any monthly subscription costs.

Why choose us

We are local and honest. We offer informative, enthusiastic and specialist advice and solutions to sky and freesat provided tv systems at home.

  • Expert solutions
  • Care of waste – we take rusty old dishes away
  • Experienced engineersLocal, honest and Family run

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